Presencing Courses & Programs – June 2018 Update

Dear friend,
Here is a general overview of the Presencing Institute’s offerings: courses and programs (online and offline) that will be taking place over the coming months. We want to make sure that you don’t miss any upcoming opportunities that might be of interest.
Please also feel free to share the news with anyone from your circles that you think might like to know about any of the initiatives listed below.
The PI Team
Presencing Foundation Programs
This four-day experiential workshop is designed for leaders and teams at all levels. It introduces a collective leadership methodology for sensing and facilitating profound innovation and change both within organizations and across societal systems.
The Foundation courses engage participants in the principles and practices of presencing.
Through interactive presentations, reflective exercises, case clinics, and embodiment practices, participants will learn and apply the seven capacities of the deep leadership cycle that help change-makers to transcend old behavior patterns, realize new possibilities, and enable transformation and innovation.
Participants will explore their own blind spots as leaders and expand their awareness of what they do and how they do it, by learning to apply practices of the U-Process.
Visual Practice Programs
This course is for scribes who want to bring presencing and systems thinking into their practice and visual thinkers seeking to expand their capacity. The „art of scribing“ is used to bridge the ecological, social, and spiritual divides we experience in our world today. Scribing – a process of drawing while people talk – provides a mirror that can help a system see itself in new light.
Social Presencing Theater
This basic course is an introduction into the basic practices of Social Presencing Theater. Drawing on the arts and contemplative traditions, Social Presencing Theater brings to the surface a clearer sense of the relationships, hidden dynamics, and emerging possibilities inherent in a team, organization or larger system. It allows co-creators in a given system to gain insight into the current situation, seeing potential opportunities for change. It sets the ground for creative collective action.
The advanced program is designed for leaders, facilitators, consultants, coaches, activists, artists, and others interested in bringing more embodied awareness into their personal and work life.
  • Colonia, Uruguay – May 01, 2019 – Feb 16, 2020 (information and course is in Spanish)
Presencing Advanced Program: Ecosystem Leadership
This new offering is designed for individuals or teams wanting to advance their leadership in eco-system change initiatives. It is a 9-month, 3-module program for 50 participants per year that includes intense coaching and project work. Participants are required to have either completed a PFP or PI-recognized equivalent. Initial information here.
Customised Programs
For information on delivering customized on-site Presencing workshops that apply the U methodology on the current situation and strategic challenges/opportunities of your organization please contact
Online Courses
Online courses are free and offer access to creative ideas for how to lead change. All courses are based on the concepts and tools of Theory U and Presencing, and aim to support individuals, organizations, groups who are working on change initiatives in any part of society.
  • U.lab 0x (turning ideas into real world change) – a self-paced 90-minute MOOC
  • U.lab 1x registration will open in the upcoming weeks.
  • Ubuntu Lab (co-creating Africa’s future) – starts Sep 25, 2018
  • Just Money (banking as if society mattered) – now a self-paced MOOC
The Executive Champion’s Workshop (EW)
The ECW is facilitated by Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer & Arawana Hayashi will take place next August 14-17 in Stowe, VT. The ECW is a special setting for nurturing new thinking and relationships among executive leaders in today’s rapidly changing economic and social landscape. Offered by invitation for executives who are champions of change, the ECW is a unique opportunity to reflect, refocus, and recharge. If you are interested in applying, please inquire by sending an email to More information on the event can be found here.
Engaging Leaders Innovating Across Sectors (ELIAS WA)
The Centre for Social Impact at the University of Western Australia (CSI UWA) in association with the Presencing Institute hosts a tri-sector collective leadership program that brings together leaders from government, civil society and the corporate sector to shape new futures. More information can be found here.
Presencing Institute, 1770 Mass Ave. #221, Cambridge, MA 02140
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